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Porto Fish & Seafood Tour

Come across the delicacies of the Atlantic ocean in Porto’s fish haven,
Matosinhos. A naval and fishing city at heart, this sunny town lives of the
industry of the sea, and feeds itself with wonderful seafood recipes.


4-5 hours

10 food tastings

5 drinks

Guided sightseeing

Private walking tour


Porto's neighboring city, Matosinhos, is by definition a maritime town. Bordered by the wild waters of the Atlantic ocean, it is home to a colossal port (Porto de Leixões), a magnificent cruise terminal (Terminal de Leixões), some of the nation's finest artisanal fish canneries, and the region's busiest fish market (Lota de Matosinhos). This background could only make Matosinhos the perfect place to savor the delicacies of the sea.

Our visit will start by discovering the craftsmanship behind the famed Portuguese canned fish, in the unique setting of an artisanal fish cannery. Not only you'll be able to witness the factory at work, but afterward, you'll also get to taste premium canned fish in loco. Next, we'll enter the lively Matosinhos market, where you'll be astounded by the pelagic wonders of the fishmonger's stalls. After a stroll into the backstreets, we'll emerge in close proximity to the fish auction market. Here, the streets are packed with restaurants that line their barbecue grills at the door, and the aroma of sizzling fish fills the air. It is precisely the location where we'll experience local specialties such as the exotic goose barnacle, the divine camarão da costa (a delicate prawn), fried fish, grilled seafood, and more. And in good Portuguese tradition, these will be paired with excellent regional wines. To end the seafood feast in grand fashion, we will relish with some traditional sweets in a popular bakery.

Your private guides for this Porto Fish and Seafood Tour will be yours truly, Maria and Bruno. As Gourmand award-winning food writers (Porto Food Guide) and bloggers, we will personally ensure you have a wonderful, in-depth experience. This fish and seafood tour will put to light the history and evolution of the neighboring city of Matosinhos, and reveal the contours of the sea in Portuguese cuisine. We hope to leave you satiated and inspired.

" Taking this food tour in Porto was like hanging out with two old friends that happen to know a bottomless amount of information about the local food culture and history. Maria and Bruno chatted with us easily as we walked from place to place pointing out different items of interest as well as culinary masterpieces. The depth of knowledge they have about the local history of Porto and of Portugal as a whole, brought a whole new depth to the tour that, I felt, was unique to this experience. The food and drink pairings were fabulous and brought an enlightened mindset to the ways cultures develop traditions that I had never experienced. If I ever return to Porto I would, without hesitation, go on a tour with them again. "

Katelyn Rich, USA


With this Porto Fish and Seafood Tour, you will...

– Find out why Matosinhos is home to some of Portugal's best fish and seafood.
– Savor the freshness: from well-known fish, to oddly delicious sea creatures.
– Discover local businesses and markets that make a living with the sea.
– Learn the stories that connect the ocean to Portuguese cuisine.
– Experience the sunny beachside city where surf is king.

" What a unique experience spending time with Bruno and Maria. They shared the best Porto can offer for food lovers. Their in-depth knowledge of history and its relationship to food is amazing. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience. "

Samantha Xu, USA



Monday through Saturday


4 to 5 hours


Minimum: 2 pax* | Maximum: 10 pax*

* For solo travelers or bigger groups, please ask us for a quote


15 food and beverage tastings at 5 spots.


✔ Private expert food guide
✔ Delightful seafood
✔ Great wines
✔ Fun!


✘ Transportation
✘ Personal expenses
✘ Gratuities
✘ Boredom


Should I book the tour in advance?

Yes. In order to guarantee our availability and also of the places we will be visiting, we ask you to book the tour with a minimum of 3 days in advance. If you book in shorter notice than 3 days, we may not be able to accommodate your request, however, do not refrain from contacting us.

What is the price of a tour?

Please ask us for a quote. Prices may vary according to customizations and the number of guests.

Are the tours private?

Yes. Our tours are private and only include you and your guests.

What language is the tour given in?

The tours are provided in English or Portuguese.

What is the usual distance walked in your Porto food tours?

Usually we keep the tour around 3 km (1.86 miles). This distance will be covered during 4 or 5 hours, at a medium pace. Guests will have the opportunity to sit at most tasting locations. However, if a guest has impaired mobility the distance may be reduced or be done in a larger amount of time.

How is the tour given?

Our Matosinhos Food Tour is a gastronomical and also cultural experience. You will be walking through the southern part of Matosinhos, a former fish canning superpower, where a large part of the economy directly depends on maritime activities. We will contextualize the city’s history, architecture, and social context. Before, after, or during the tasting our guides will approach insights about the tasting location, and also about the making and history of the food itself. Your guides are there to answer all your queries.

Can you accommodate dietary restrictions?

Please indicate all dietary restrictions in the form, including allergies.
Our regular tour destinations are not suitable for vegans. Vegetarian options may be accommodated into the tour.
We cannot guarantee fully gluten free experiences due to the possibility of cross-contamination, however, the guides may provide gluten-less options,  if guests are aware of the latter fact.
Dairy-free options may be provided upon request.

What if it rains?

The tour will be pursued even if it rains. We ask you to bring adequate clothing for rainy weather, and an umbrella.

Can I postpone my tour?

A tour may be postponed only once, with a minimum notice of 7 days. The possibility of postponing is dependent on availability.

Are bathrooms available during the tour?

Yes. Bathrooms are available at selected tasting stops.

Is the tour baby or children friendly?

Please indicate if you’ll be bringing children or babies, and their ages. We will try to accommodate them with maximum comfort during the tour, however, please take in mind that the tour may last 4 hours and may be tiresome for young children. Also, please remember that the tour will be done walking,  so there may be some extra effort involved. Some streets and locations may not be stroller friendly, so baby carriers are ideal.

Babies don’t have to pay a fee, and the same goes for young children who will not be tasting the food.

May I ask for a refund?

We do not refund tour reservations. The tour may be rescheduled to another date, whenever possible, or we may emit a voucher you may redeem during the following year.

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