Private Food Tours

& special experiences

Fall in love with Porto and North of Portugal's gastronomy through the curatorship of our expert food guides.
Discover special experiences that you'll never forget.


An adventure may be just around the corner.

Would you like to meet shepherds, and see cheese being made? What about joining a fishing expedition for an elusive regional catch? How about foraging the woods for seasonal specialties?

Whether you're an avid fisherman, hunter, wine aficionado, or a culinary adventure seeker, we can arrange an experience to fit your needs.


How may I request a special experience?

Special experiences can be arranged according to your interests. Please ensure that you ask for a quote at least two months before the due date of the experience. Be reminded that experiences may be off-season, or unavailable if not requested with necessary anticipation.

Are the tours private?

Yes. Our tours are private and only include you and your guests.

What language are the tours given in?

The tours are provided in English or Portuguese.

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