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Our one and only Porto Food Tour. Featuring places you'd never find, tasty food you would never have ordered, and stories you wouldn't otherwise hear. The adventure for those who want to blend in, and feel Porto from the inside.
Porto fish seafood


If you came here for the seafood, you won't be disappointed. Long story short: amazing seafood, fish, and everything marine in the sunny beachside city of Matosinhos. Bring an appetite (and shades).
private food tour amass cook


It's time to get serious about dessert. For passionate sweet-tooths that want to fall head-deep into Portugal's centuries-old obsession: sweets. Yum.


BEWARE!!! Maria and Bruno only offer a tour giving you a rare glimpse into the real culture and life of locals. If you enjoy being led around like sheep (tourists) to places where you see other sheep(tourists), this is not for you. Let them push you a bit into trying (pig ears, aguardiente), going (local taverns), understanding (Portuguese cultures, values) a little more than you’ve experienced/understood before. They tailor their tours according to your preferences in order to make sure you get what you want. My only requirements to them were “places the everyday locals go to (the smaller the better) and not wanting to see any tourists.” they over delivered for us. A group of 15 of us and we all felt it was like a 1:1 tour as they made sure to try and speak to all of us individually and not treat us like a herd of animals. HONEST AND PASSIONATE PEOPLE DOING GREAT THINGS.

Kin Hong, Barcelona

The tour was fantastic! Maria and Bruno were great. Robin and I were discussing. They may well be the best guides we ever had, and we have had a number of them.

Robin & Richard Porter, Atlanta

Amazing, all around experience. These guides were top notch and showed us a great time. By far the best experience in Porto. Would 10/10 recommend for anyone wanting an authentic food and historical experience. Obrigado.

J Euneman, Indianapolis

What a unique experience spending time with Bruno and Maria. They shared the best Ponto can offer for food lovers. Their in-depth knowledge of history and its relationship to food is amazing. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Samantha Xu, California

Our tour company hired Maria and Bruno for our food/culture tour of Porto. What a wonderful couple. They stuffed us with food and information! They are fun-loving, knowledgeable, smart, and know several out of the way places to show you whatever your interests are. Would hire them again in a minute.

Donna Jones, Florida

So many thanks for sharing your brilliant selves with us… Your hospitality, knowledge, passion, is still burning bright in our brains, heart, and stomach!

Lisa & Jeff, Los Angeles

This food tour was one of the highlights of our trip to Portugal. I can not say enough good things about Maria and Bruno. They were extremely knowledgeable, as well as, a pure pleasure to spend time with. They took us to places and exposed us to foods we could never have done on our own. They gave not only an amazing food tour, but a mini historic tour of Porto due to their deep understanding of the history. They respected our dietary restrictions when choosing the places to tour. Both my husband and I felt like we were spending the day with dear friends. If you are in Porto do NOT miss the opportunity to take a food tour with them.

Lisa Worsek, Chicago

Taking this food tour in Porto was like hanging out with two old friends that happen to know a bottomless amount of information about the local food culture and history. Maria and Bruno chatted with us easily as we walked from place to place pointing out different items of interest as well as culinary masterpieces. The depth of knowledge they have about the local history of Porto and of Portugal as a whole, brought a whole new depth to the tour that, I felt, was unique to this experience. The food and drink pairings were fabulous and brought an enlightened mindset to the ways cultures develop traditions that I had never experienced. If I ever return to Porto I would, without hesitation, go on a tour with them again.

Kate Rich, New York

Our Porto food tour with Maria and Bruno was a major highlight of our 10 days in Portugal. We visited a number a great spots that we never would have found on our own and enjoyed some of the most amazing Porto cuisine. They are passionate about food and true experts. I strongly suggest booking a tour if you are visiting Porto.

Jennifer Bellin, Ohio


An adventure may be just around the corner.

Would you like to meet shepherds, and see cheese being made? What about joining a fishing expedition for an elusive regional catch? How about foraging the woods for seasonal specialties?

Whether you're an avid fisherman, hunter, wine aficionado, or a culinary adventure seeker, we can arrange an experience to fit your needs.


How may I request a special experience?

Special experiences can be arranged according to your interests. Please ensure that you ask for a quote at least two months before the due date of the experience. Be reminded that experiences may be off-season, or unavailable if not requested with necessary anticipation.

Are the tours private?

Yes. Our tours are private and only include you and your guests.

What language are the tours given in?

The tours are provided in English or Portuguese.

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